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Swain County, North Carolina, Death Records, Vol. I, 1913-1930

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Swain Death Records Swain County, North Carolina, Death Records, Vol. I, 1913-1930 CD-ROM 2214 names $20.00 2005 Merrell

Why was this CD-ROM created?

After several years of collecting data on various family members, Winston and Merrell realized that other researchers might be able to utilize their compilations. Books on deaths, marriages and delayed birth records have been published. Counties (North Carolina) include: Graham, Jackson, Macon, Madison, and Swain.

North Carolina began keeping death records in 1913. Many of the early records, initially created at the township level, varied greatly in their completeness and legibility. The spelling was often very "creative." Death certificates may be a very valuable source of genealogical information. However, the accuracy of the certificate is dependent upon the knowledge supplied by the informant and the recording of that information.

Not every individual who died in Swain County in 1913-1930 has a death certificate. Some of the reasons for no death certificate include: many deaths occurred in remote parts of the county, family members were uncertain who was responsible for filing the certificate, certificates may have been lost in transfer, or family members did not feel obligated to follow state regulations. If the decedent died before 1913, or does not have a death certificate, sources such as tombstones, Bibles, wills, deeds, census records, and family histories may be helpful.

The medical terms listed as the cause of death were often extremely difficult to read. In cases where the cause of death could not be deciphered, a contributory cause of death was listed - if available. In some cases underscores are used to indicate illegible letters. Some records contain more information than space is available in the column. Again, it is recommended that the researcher consult the original record or a photocopy of the original record.

What information can I find in this CD-ROM?

This CD-ROM of Swain County death records contains data from the 2214 death certificates through 1930 (two records for 1911, four records for 1912, and 2208 records for 1913-1930) found at Bryson City in the Swain County, North Carolina courthouse. If given on the certificate, this disc provides the following information:

  • name of each decedent, listed alphabetically,
  • his/her death date,
  • his/her age,
  • his/her place of death,
  • his/her gender,
  • his/her race,
  • his/her birth date,
  • his/her place of birth,
  • names of parents,
  • birthplaces of parents,
  • name of informant,
  • burial place,
  • cause of death,
  • spouse,
  • book and page number of certificate,
  • clarifying note (if applicable),
  • full-name index of fathers, and
  • full-name index of mothers.