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Madison County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records, Vol. I-III

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Madison Delayed Birth Records Madison County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records, Vol. I-III CD-ROM 9882 names from Vol. I-III $25.00 2004 Winston

Why was this CD-ROM created?

Delayed birth certificates were discovered while doing personal research. After repeated uses of the many volumes, the realization came, if a transcription would be useful to me, then it also probably would be valuable to other researchers, especially to those at a distance from Madison County.

The 9880 certificates were first transcribed into three books which were published in 1999, 2000, and 2002. This publication on CD-ROM was made because it is much easier to research with all names in one place, rather than having to search through three books. This CD-ROM contains all the names in the original books plus the ones issued after September 2002.

This compact disk groups the children of a given father or mother in a cluster because the fathers and mothers are listed alphabetically. However, the names of a given father or mother may not always be listed the same. For instance, the given name "Joseph William" may have been given as "Joseph William", "Joe" or "J. W.". Although the application called for the mother's maiden name, her married name was often used. All these differences will keep them from appearing as the same person.

What information can I find in this CD-ROM?

This publication contains:
  • an alphabetical listing of the name of each individual,
  • his/her birthdate,
  • his/her place of birth,
  • names of parents (with their birth dates when available),
  • most birthplaces of parents, and
  • book and page number of certificate.

An asterisk is used beside the child's name to indicate that there is a clarifying note linked to the name. Fathers and mothers are also listed alphabetically in separate lists.