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Graham County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Graham Delayed Birth Records Graham County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records CD-ROM 2849 names $20.00 2005 Merrell

Why was this CD-ROM created?

In 2000 a compiled list of the 2840 delayed birth records for Graham County, North Carolina was published in book format. Many researchers have utilized this resource and suggested that it would be helpful to have the data on CD-ROM. This CD-ROM includes the initial records plus those which were filed since the earlier publication through December 31, 2004. A total of 2849 records are included on this CD-ROM.

What information can I find in this CD-ROM?

This CD-ROM contains:
  • an alphabetical listing of the name of each individual,
  • his/her birthdate,
  • his/her place of birth,
  • his/her gender,
  • his/her race,
  • names of parents (with their birth dates when available),
  • most birthplaces of parents,
  • book and page number of certificate,
  • full-name index of fathers, and
  • full-name index of mothers.

An asterisk is used beside the child's name to indicate that there is a clarifying note linked to the name. Fathers and mothers are also listed alphabetically in separate lists.