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Madison County, North Carolina, Marriages 1851-1879

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Madison Marriage Records Madison County, North Carolina, Marriages 1851-1879 Book 80 pages, 1100+ marriages $12.00 1997 Winston

When was Madison County formed?

Madison County, NC was formed in 1851 from Buncombe and Yancey counties. No legal records are expected for Madison County prior to that time. However, a few marriage bonds dated in the 1840's were found.

Marriage bonds were used in North Carolina as a legal record of marriage until 1868. Marriage licenses were used from that time until the present.

Where did the records come from?

The names on the marriage bonds were transcribed from microfilm from the North Carolina State Archives at Raleigh, NC. When the microfilm was illegible, those records were compared to the original bonds at the State Archives. This transcription was then compared with the marriage register at Marshall, Madison County, NC.

Some marriages listed in the microfilm were not found in the marriage register and some marriages found in the register were not in the microfilm. All marriages found in the microfilm or the register for the years 1851-1869 (including the early bonds) are included in this book.

What information can I find in this book?

This book covers the years 1851-1869 and includes:

  • groom's name,
  • bride's name,
  • official's name/title,
  • date,and
  • witnesses' names.