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Madison County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records, Vol. I

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Madison Delayed Birth Records Madison County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Records, Vol. I Book 157 pages, 3517 names $20.00 1999 Winston

What information can I find in this book?

This publication includes:
  • an alphabetical listing of the name of each individual,
  • his/her birthdate,
  • his/her place of birth,
  • his/her gender,
  • his/her race,
  • names of parents (with their birth dates when available),
  • most birthplaces of parents,
  • book and page number of certificate, and
  • full-name index of mothers.

What was the source for this book?

The Macon County, North Carolina, Delayed Birth Certificates were the primary source for this list of compiled births. Microfilm of the register, obtained from the State Archives in Raleigh, was used for initial data entry. Then additional information was compiled from the certificates located in the Register of Deeds Office, Macon County. The Index of Delayed Births was consulted for difficult to read portions, missing data, and/or conflicting data.