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Madison County, NC, Out-of-County Death Records, 1978-2004

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Madison Out-of-County Death Records Madison County, NC, Out-of-County Death Records, 1978-2004 Book 173 pages, 6914 names $25.00 2005 Winston

What information can I find in this book?

In 1978 the North Carolina Bureau of Vital Statistics began issuing a report for each county, entitled "Deaths Occurring in a County Different from County of Birth".

This report may be used to learn the county of death and where a death certificate may be obtained. This is especially helpful to genealogists searching for an individual who may have moved away from the county of birth, died while seeking medical treatment in another county, etc.

This compilation of the data from the Madison County out-of-county death records contains, if available, the following information:

  • name of each decedent, listed alphabetically,
  • his/her gender,
  • his/her birth date,
  • his/her death date,
  • his/her county of death
  • surname of father,
  • clarifying note (if applicable), and
  • surname index of fathers

This book does not include the social security number for security reasons. The state certificate number is not included either. It is usually less expensive for the researcher to get a non-certified copy of the death certificate from the county of death.