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Elisha Chandler's Descendants of Madison County, North Carolina

County Publication Type Title Book/CD Description Price Year Author
Madison Family History Elisha Chandler's Descendants of Madison County, North Carolina Book 284 pages $35.00 2011 Winston

Why did I(Winston) write this book?

When this research began, I knew my one of my paternal great grandmothers was "Millie" Chandler and that her father was Simeon Chandler. A problem arose in that the only Simeon Chandler on the 1850 Yancey County census (Madison County did not exist until 1851) did not have a daughter Millie, nor did any of the other Chandlers on the census have a daughter named Millie.

I knew that my great grandfather, Hezekiah Riddle, was born about 1845. I found him on the 1850 Yancey County Census, so I expected Millie to be on the same census also.

It was not until several years later that I realized that Millie was a nickname and that I should have been looking for Amelia, who was listed on the 1850 census as Emelia in the household of the only Simeon Chandler in that census.

This book is a compilation of Elisha Chandler's descendants that this writer has been able to identify. It is hoped that each one who reads this book will be encouraged to add other members of the family. Hopefully a more complete picture will be achieved.